Publisher: Current Hardcover
Publication Date: September 13, 2012
ISBN-10: 1591845130
ISBN-13: 978-1591845133

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One of the world’s leading social neuroscientists and an award-winning journalist team up to give readers a grand unified theory of what drives us to do the things we do when we do love, sex, and human bonding.

Provocative and entertaining. Popular science writing at its best!
Dan Rodricks
Baltimore Sun, WYPR Radio
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…One wild and entertaining ride. The prose in The Chemistry Between Us is lively and fun – and provides a fresh and unapologetically pointed analysis on what understanding the neurobiological correlates of love may mean for both our relationships and our culture.
Kayt Sukel
New Scientist Magazine

“Dr. Young is one of the science world’s most respected authorities on the chemistry underlying the most complicated and beloved interactions of our species. The insight and candor he and Mr. Alexander provide in this simultaneously entertaining and compelling book will impress both novice and scientific aficionado alike. What an intellectually and emotionally satisfying exploration!”
Dr. Mayim Bialik, Ph.D, CLEC
Actress on CBS’ The Big Bang Theory
Author of Beyond The Sling: How to Raise Confident Loving Children the Attachment Parenting Way

“Nothing fascinates us more than why we fall in love and what makes us choose that particular person. The Chemistry Between Us sheds light on just this mysterious phenomena with a thorough look at the neuroscience and psychology of the process. Whether you have a desire for better intellectual understanding or a personal curiosity as to why you or your partner do what you do, this book is a super enjoyable class in love, sex and all its dark mysteries. A fascinating and stimulating read!”
Gail Saltz M.D.
NBC Today Show contributor and Clinical Associate Professor of Psychiatry The New York Presbyterian Hospital

“This lively book by a great neuroscientist and a savvy science writer is the first popular account to tie together what we have learned about the chemistry of sex, love, and family bonds. Progress in this field has been nothing short of breath-taking, and Larry Young is recognized as its leading pioneer. The way our brains react when boy meets girl determines the stability of marriage and the future of the human family.”
Frans de Waal
Author of The Age of Empathy

“If you’ve ever been curious — and let’s face it, we all have — about the intricate dance of biology and behavior that both brings men and women together and pushes them apart, then The Chemistry Between Us is the book for you. Authors Larry Young and Brian Alexander explore questions as gentle as parenting and as edgy as sexual addiction with consistent style, humor, and insight. The result is a story that’s fun, fascinating and, finally, insightful.”
Deborah Blum
Pulitzer Prize winner, author of Sex on the Brain, Love at Goon Park, and The Poisoner’s Handbook